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Chatting with Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is getting his "Swerve On" across the U.S. this year with some familiar faces from "The Voice". I had the opportunity to chat with him for a little bit during his "Doing It To Country Songs" Tour about the old days, the new days, the good days & the bad days. We talked about... Read More

Put A Little Romance (Arkansas) In Your Valentine's Day

Hey guys, thinking about Valentine's Day, yet? Are you planning to go the standard route? Chocolate & Roses? If you are planning on the Roses, get them sooner than later. Everyday you wait, the price goes up! Do you want to show her you put some extra effort into her gift this time around? The... Read More

Do You Have A Bad Boss?

Do you think you have a bad Boss? I several bosses, fortunately, I like them all & no issues to report:-) That hasn't always been the case. I have had my share of challenging bosses. I know I am not alone. It is one of the biggest reasons people leave their jobs. It's because their bosses are... Read More

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

I have anxiety. Not about talking on the Radio. No problem there. Not about getting on stage in front of lots of people. I've got that handled. I have anxiety & panick attacks without warning about seemingly nothing. But, of course, if you have these attacks, like I do, it is something. It is a... Read More

Collectible or Junk?

Do have a lot of stuff? Do you collect things? Intentionally or unitentionally? Have you ever wondered whether or not your stuff was worth a bunch of money? Here are several items, that are worth something. You might just be rolling in the BIG MONEY :-) Read More

How to Say No!

The Holidays are a time for giving. Do you feel like you are giving to much, of your time? Is it stressing you out? You are not alone. Saying no, is hard, especially during the Holidays. Rather than powering through it, or complaining about it, how about saying & doing something about it. Here... Read More

Another Great Gift Idea?!?!

Yes, it is a rock. You can buy yours today at Nordstrom for $85. No kidding. It is a fancy rock & it is nestled in a fancy leather pouch. Maybe it is perfect for you or someone you know! (I'll pass) Check it out here . Read More

Cinnamon Roll Peeps

Peeps aren't just for Easter anymore. There are several new flavors including, Christmas cookie-flavored marshmallow chicks dipped in white fudge, sugar plum chick dipped in white fudge, gingerbread, candy cane, chocolate mousse, and hot cocoa and cream. You should be able to find them at Walmart. Read More

Ashes to Art

Losing someone dear is difficult. This Seattle based company takes the ashes of your loved one & swirls them into glass art. I am not sure how I feel about it, but some of the pieces they have created are beautiful You can find out more here. Read More

Take a Tour of Santa's House

Have you ever wondered what Santa's house looks like at the North Pole? What do you think Santa's house would cost in this crazy housing market. Accoding to Zillow, it was constructed in the 1800s out of old-growth timber, is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2,500-square-foot “toy lover’s paradise,” and while... Read More