Marty interviews Garth Brooks

Thursday, December 8th

Garth Brooks makes a surprise call into Wolf Mornings. Garth and Marty talk about the CMA's and his big win.


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90 formal morning. Very good morning or LA guard register call this more demand it's a surprise party doing. Hurry you do it. Well what I woke up this morning Dallas and expect to get a folk off from Garth Brooks mantis is the great surprise how. A field star struck right now you'd be recovered from it. No I've not that was one of the most amazing times in my life and I think you from the bottom my arc for the invite to celebrate with. You hear me thank you thank you for the whole reason why we're there that it is that you guys did you vote thing to them. Fear may happen between your record we have got beat artistic. No it's it's a moral weight and in its like I don't know how you do it. Because your travel all the time your all over the place but to celebrate seven diamonds to win entertainer of the year I mean this this is as one of the best years you've had your career of your life. Very arbitrary got very mad about not because of that that that's what investors could just try to feel what your feet and you get it you feel like. Go got a page. For that you just waiting for the second prepared for him whether or your respect. Trying to get headed to prepare for because commodity or hide out field. He's just feels so much like Jewish. Go home right but otherwise and this year for me just everything like Roland and so it's so much. I don't think there's anybody else that can take time off like you did and then come back in basic feel like at least to me that the wind is at your back in that it's like you never stopped. I. I've never ever read it to do this again and it did it ever retrieved yet to let that we W. Just haven't spent content that you don't nobody helped me. Yeah they're they're on their own thing doctors know Tokyo these homes and their college general thing. Into travel the world the love you actually need it the best buddies people show up in. Yeah if you go to their Mercury. We'll look that there is no doubt that the people are shown appear Memphis for your show February 4. It did what I'm Tonya it marked on the calendar there's no day I am looking forward to and I know a lot of moralists are looking forward to his February 4 near Memphis. Yet that I try to rearm activist who know what's been uttered you're the better replace that left them there. Without you know if you. Didn't become network security can be wait too loud wake you crazy and compete at the state. And that's what we love it tickets go on sale tomorrow morning 10 AM Ticketmaster dot com or go to master dot com slash Garth Brooks and Antonia. It is the talk of the town. Well I'm I can do either of our guys saying group you if you happened to beat air the leader of the opening there Trisha Yearwood. And did they fly and so does Kabila Kramer previews right here at home a plea we are all so I. Well we're just still shattered have you we cannot wait for February 4 but man I tell you have a lot of things going on right now you have a brand new. Box at the can only get a target which is amazing you have your Christmas album which are Jeter would call Christmas together. And then also your brand new album gunslinger which came out last week and tell you it's amazing and had a love that I can't get enough minutes. Bennett but and so sweet about this. This all credit. Houston there's been a lot of fun to put together. With everything that. That is just so well kind of been our you know if a fraction of the diamonds these are all highlight kind of in our career from. Being alive Billy Joseph do you workers filed the American pie now without which we can do it for twenty years so this is that you thought about it. No it's great if you're looking for a great gift for somebody. Which charity ball mine but tell little this is personnel that there gift is gonna be your box set in tickets to your show. Oh worried that very treatment they excellent beer party Chris Kelly see their mentally I was expected hoped would you sleep between here. I'm deadly need to catch up on some sleep after. Hanging valley view for you know what you entertainer of the year Indian at seven diamonds and cell line I've no idea throw down to February for the negative party. I'm not gonna miss but I just what have put in one request of Ike and is there anyway that Trisha can perform wrong side of Memphis on February 4 when he gets in the town. Move you know what she's pretty Smart girl I'm I'm pretty sure that we're gonna come up on that list. It allows travel over the weekend I was listen into the song and I was like man I really hope that she comes and plays assigning to put her request. Well god you not only made my day you made my month the Anthony has made my life thank you so much for call an end. I'll remember tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. For Garth Brooks February 4 at the FedEx Forum go to Ticketmaster dot com slash Garth Brooks or Ticketmaster. Dot com Garth cannot wait to see February 4 and a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your time to family here. Well I think you or thanks again could be at seven dime they virtually of course he has raised fears we have all of you guys can't thank enough. The best holiday do you and your friend that we love you get very Christians Kremlin yours.